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Leading Force

energy and design center

The future of home building and renovation is now accessible through the Leading Force Energy and Design Center - a team approach to design and construction with multiple members whose goal is to benefit owners by developing healthy, energy efficient projects within a manageable budget.

The new showroom displays a uniquely integrated approach to developing projects based on close collaboration and a solid commitment to lowering energy bills, creating a healthy indoor environment and utilizing sustainable building materials and construction practices. Solar panel options for power generation; geothermal heating/cooling for comfort; thermal shell design; low voltage lighting and control systems; advanced air sealing techniques; whole house energy audits, as well as architecture and interior design services are available through the expertise of Leading Force professionals. The showroom features a wide array of finish materials, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures.

Education is one of the missions of the group. Trainings and seminars in energy efficiency strategies and codes are just some of the courses that are routinely offered at the in-store conference room.

Open to both the public and to contractors and subcontractors, the showroom invites inquiries and visits from anyone interested in learning more.

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